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Gateway to the West

St. Louis is embedded in American history. Starting out as an outpost for those moving out west, and growing into a city of industry, culture, family, music, sports, the city is full of vibrant people and attractions. Far from living in a small city, those who live here are happy in and proud of their city.

St. Louis is also on a new track for growth. Companies are moving to St. Louis, ones already here are building new buildings and old parts of town are being revived and revamped into entertainment and cultural venues. ​There is no shortage of things to do and St. Louis, and less so every day.


Whether it’s the history, culture, family-friendliness, job opportunities, lifestyle, or anything else, it’s not hard to see why so many people call St. Louis home.


A Gracious Midwest Welcome

The St. Louis Jewish community has its roots well back into the early 1800s and has been strong all along. The frum community is home to numerous shuls, schools, kosher food venues and mikvahs, and is made up of a diverse range of Jews. No matter who you meet though, what will certainly stand out is the friendliness and warmth of everyone here.


A Place for Everyone 

The St. Louis Jewish community has 2 different neighborhoods to choose from, each with it's own flavor. The communities are about 20 minutes apart and share much of the same infrastructure, including schools, eateries, Vaad, etc.

The University City community has roughly 500 frum families, and contains most of the shuls in St. Louis within walking distance.

The Chesterfield community is more suburban and is composed of roughly 100 families who are part of one shul. 

Both communities have that "out of town" feel, and a warm, inviting and fantastic choices for you to live. We highly encourage you to look into both when you give us a call or come to visit.

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