St. Louis has a large Jewish community and there are many organizations that fill the needs of all Jews.

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    Chabad of St. Louis

    Chabad is a place that is open to one and all, where questions are embraced and Judaism is celebrated meaningfully and joyfully. Chabad offers an array of innovative educational and experiential opportunities for adults, children and families to gain a deepened awareness of Judaism and an inspired commitment to its teachings, as it strives to create a more unified and robust celebration of Jewish life in the Greater St. Louis area.

    Chabad has 5 locations in the St. Louis area:

    - Chabad of Greater St. Louis

    - Chabad on Campus at Washington University

    - Chabad of Chesterfield

    - Chabad of the Central West End

    - Chabad Jewish Center of St. Charles County

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    Kulanu Yachad

    Kulanu Yachad majestically presents the Mitzvos and warmly welcomes thousands of Jews, making an indelible imprint on the Jewish community, nationally. Shabbos Seminars, inspiring gatherings and Challah bakes, Torah circulars and chessed initiatives inspire countless jews to be proud of their heritage and make Judaism a meaningful, valuable part of their lives. Neshamas, shining with Torah and Mitzvos.

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    Jewish Federation of St. Louis

    Jewish Federation of St. Louis mobilizes the Jewish community and its human and financial resources to preserve and enhance Jewish life in St. Louis, in Israel, and around the world.

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    Aish St. Louis

    The Aish mission is to inspire members of the St. Louis Jewish community to experience, explore, and share the beauty and wisdom of Torah and their Jewish heritage in order to build, strengthen and sustain the future of our Jewish community.

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