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EHA Early Childhood Center

EHA Early Childhood Center

The ECC@ EHA is a warm, nurturing and vibrant environment dedicated to early learners. Our early learners age from 18 months, Tenoki ( 2 years), Nursery (3 years) and Pre-K (4 years).

Our program (full day & half day options) features a 1:4 teacher to student ratio and teaches to the “whole child.” Our teachers focus first and foremost on social-emotional development, teaching the interpersonal and early conversational skills that are the key elements in nurturing happy and successful learners.

The EHA early childhood program focuses on early academic goals, such as emergent literacy, pre-writing skills, pre-math skills, and social studies.
We firmly believe that young children learn through play, both indoor and outdoor. Our classrooms have been redesigned as warm and inviting spaces that cultivate our children’s curiosity.

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